Scenario on Collecting Requirements From Customers

John (Project Manager): Hi, Mindy! How’s work coming along? Mindy (Customer): Hey, John! The work is busy as usual. It’s good to see that your team will handle our latest project. John: No doubt! Will you tell me more about the expectations? Mindy: For the past 10 years, we’ve used the Blackboard learning management system […]

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Friends Dating

Some people don’t always agree with friends dating because they believe that crossing borders spoils or ends friendships. There are those that support friends dating because they realise how important it is to be with someone that you really know. This increases the chances of a long lasting and happy relationship. There can be awkwardness […]

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Friends Dating Each Other

Friends’ dating is an online dating service that enables thousands of members to come together. They may be in search for friendships, flings, long term relationships or even soul mates. It provides an opportunity for all lonely hearts to find mates. Friends dating will provide membership to all singles for free. There is nothing more […]

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